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The Global Partnership for Youth in Development

Today’s 1.8 billion young people will determine whether we achieve the Sustainable Development Goals, and more importantly, our planet’s collective survival.  To make this happen, we must all work together to facilitate the transition of young people to productive employment and effective citizenship.  

The World Bank has a wealth of experience, but we don’t have all the answers.  We need to bring in the experiences of others; but more importantly, we must inspire and take advantage of the creativity and insights of young people to find new solutions to these problems.  
How can we best facilitate the transition to productive work?  
What is needed to form positive identities, to build agency, to establish alternative aspirations and opportunities?  
What drives some young people to act violently, and what is needed to stop the current epidemic of violence?  
How can we work together with young people in their desire to have a meaningful impact on their families and broader society?  
It is time for us to really open up to youth-driven development.  We need these new ideas.  The old ones may no longer apply.  
So how can you help?  Above all, join with us.  Give us your ideas, your energy, and your commitment.  Help us with innovative approaches, technology, messages, and programs.  Experiment, develop, test, and connect these ideas to CSOs and social entrepreneurs.  We must join forces to find new ideas that work, and apply these ideas at a sufficient scale to have a meaningful impact. Together, we'll develop these ideas more concretely: the interventions we are exploring, and how we can collaborate to advance this work forward.

The World Bank's Youth in Development Program

The youth opportunity: Young people today face enormous and complex challenges in their transition to adulthood, and failure may have perilous consequences that can persist for generations. The decisions they make concerning their education, employment, migration, voice, health, and other factors have serious and lasting consequences for their lives and for the future of the planet. They will determine whether we achieve broad-based economic growth, the Sustainable Development Goals, and more importantly, our collective survival.

A cross-institutional service: The Word Bank Group currently has a large portfolio of projects on youth, in governance, peacebuilding, health, education, entrepreneurship and employment. To address these multidimensional and interdependent issues coherently and at scale, requires that we engage youth as agents of change, coordinate initiatives, and integrate the resources and actions of multiple stakeholders. The approach of the Youth in Development Program (YDP) is to engage and integrate youth in policy and programs in five pillars. View the YDP Brochure for more information.