Life and employability skills trainings address youth’s needs across the world as they develop into adulthood, actively participate in their communities, transition from school to work, and seek to enter the job market to build up sustainable and fulfilling livelihoods. Two trainings are available for downloading for free.


Building a Better Tomorrow is a life skills and employability skills training program for 15 to 25 year olds developed by the World Bank. It is based on the experience of the World Bank in supporting young women and young men, especially the ones most vulnerable to poverty, disfranchisement, and radicalization. Through expected cross-fertilization effects, this life and employability skills training helps young people tackle the issue of identity and keeps them actively engaged with their communities by increasing their sense of belonging and resilience and by mending the skills gap between what employers need and what youth bring to the table. Read More





Build Your Own Future Today is an innovative youth entrepreneurship training program for youth aged 17 to 25 years old, developed by the World Bank. “Build Your Own Future Today” is a large scale youth entrepreneurship training. Youth, especially those from rural areas, undergo a three-phase entrepreneurship skills training over the course of 12-months, built around a new entrepreneurship curriculum especially designed to that end. The focus of this training is to empower youth by providing them with business acumen sensitization and promoting their active involvement in the economic development of their regions. Read More